Seychelles International Business Company

Governed by International Business Companies Act 1994 (as amended). Statutory requirements are minimal, and flexible: Only one director and one shareholder are required; Shareholders, directors and officers need not be resident in

Labuan Limited Partnership

A Labuan Limited Partnership (LP) is a business entity comprising two or more partners who operate or manage a business together. The minimum number of partners for a Labuan LP is

Factsheet – Labuan Company

Labuan companies can carry out either trading or non-trading activities in, from, or through Labuan IBFC.   Benefits of a Labuan Company   Enjoy special tax regime – 3%/ RM20,000 /

Differences of Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Labuan Company

Malaysia Sdn Bhd Labuan Company Target Market Malaysia Global   Paid Up Capital ·  RM1 mil for 100% Foreign Owned ·  RM400,000 for Joint Venture with Malaysian   ·  Min USD 1 for 100% Foreign Owned No. of Directors &  Shareholders · 

Malaysia Foundation VS Labuan Foundation

Malaysia Foundation   Labuan Foundation   Sponsorship Requirement   Min RM1,000,000 injection within 6 months   No sponsorship requirement Governing Regulation ·  Company Act 1965 ·  Memorandum & Articles of Association   ·  Labuan Foundation Act 2010 ·  Charter & Articles of Association   Name of the foundation Application