Differences of Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Labuan Company

Malaysia Sdn Bhd Labuan Company
Target Market Malaysia Global


Paid Up Capital ·  RM1 mil for 100% Foreign Owned

·  RM400,000 for Joint Venture with Malaysian


·  Min USD 1 for 100% Foreign Owned
No. of Directors &  Shareholders ·  Min 2 Directors

·  Min 2 shareholders


·  Min 1 Director

·  Min 1 Shareholder

Re-Domicile Not applicable Easily can be transferred to any jurisdictions who recognise Labuan Company


Corporate Tax 24% for both local & international tax Labuan taxation:

·  3% of audited profit OR;

·  RM20,000 per annum


Directors’ Fee for Non-Malaysian


Taxable (0 – 28%) Not Taxable
Expatriate Income Tax 0 – 28% with no rebate ·  0% for Director’s Fee

·  50% tax exemptions on personal income tax for non-Malaysian residents


Confidentiality Company information is public record Strictly confidential unless permission granted by the company’s director
Trade license for Import, Export, Trading, On-line and Consultancy Business


Yes Not Required
Capital Paid Up for Work Permit Application


RM250,000 Any foreign currency with equivalent value of RM1 million