Offshore Company

Seychelles International Business Company

Governed by International Business Companies Act 1994 (as amended). Statutory requirements are minimal, and flexible: Only one director and one shareholder are required; Shareholders, directors and officers need not be resident in the Seychelles and there is no stipulation as to their nationality; There is no minimum capital requirement; shares may be either registered or bearer and may be issued in any currency; Proper bookkeeping is required but no requirement for an audit; No returns are needed of shareholders, directors or officers; Shareholders and directors meetings

Establishing a lasting legacy through Foundation

If your estate planning goals include establishing a lasting legacy, Foundation could be a useful structure for succession planning and asset protection. Trust is a relatively familiar concept in common law jurisdiction. Foundation is more of an unknown, where both can be used to receive and hold assets for the benefit of an individual and their wider family, whether during the individual’s lifetime or upon their demise.   The concept of Foundation “A private foundation” is an independent self-governing legal entity, set up

Labuan Limited Partnership

A Labuan Limited Partnership (LP) is a business entity comprising two or more partners who operate or manage a business together. The minimum number of partners for a Labuan LP is two partners, ie one general partner and one limited partner; the maximum number of partners allowed is fifty partners. Partners may be a corporation except for firms which are set up for professional practice, in which case it must consist of natural persons only and supplemented with professional indemnity insurance coverage

Factsheet – Labuan Company

Labuan companies can carry out either trading or non-trading activities in, from, or through Labuan IBFC.   Benefits of a Labuan Company   Enjoy special tax regime – 3%/ RM20,000 / 0% based on business activities Residents and non-residents of Malaysia are permitted to establish Labuan companies Labuan Companies accepted as a listing vehicle on: National Stock Exchange of Australia, Hong Kong Stock Exchange and Singapore Stock Exchange Withholding tax exemption on dividends, interest, royalties, service fees, lease payments. Stamp duty exempted 50% tax exemption

Are you ready to face the era of financial information exchange between jurisdictions?

The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is currently the burning topic amongst those in the financial services industry and international business.   The implementation of CRS is a key vehicle of the Automatic Information Exchange of Information (AEOI) which is aimed at preventing tax evasion via the global automatic exchange of information between participating jurisdictions.   More than 100 jurisdictions have committed to exchange the CRS information. Malaysia has committed to exchange the CRS information from 2018 and would also be receiving financial account information

Labuan Company and Labuan Business Activities

A Labuan company is a company incorporated under the Labuan Companies Act 1990 (LCA 1990). Companies under this Act are allowed to carry out business in, from or through Labuan in order to enjoy its tax neutrality. A Labuan company may have these shares structures: • company limited by shares • company limited by guarantee • an unlimited company Types of company: • Labuan Company • Labuan Foreign Company • Labuan Protected Cell Company Labuan Trading Company  Defined as a Labuan Company which conducts trading activities. Labuan Trading Activity includes banking, insurance,

British Virgin Island (BVI) – the world well-known tax haven!

A tax haven is a country that offers foreign individuals and businesses a minimal tax liability in a politically and economically stable environment, with little or no financial information shared with foreign tax authorities.  As such a tax haven provides beneficial terms under which either new companies can be incorporated or off-shore entities of already existing companies can be established.   The British Virgin Islands (BVI), officially the Virgin Islands, are a British Overseas Territory located in the Caribbean to the east

The Labuan Trading Company – substance creation

Trading companies located in low tax locations attract tax collectors interest because the multiple activities a trading company undertakes, the cause and effect on profits such activities have and the possibility that the activities may be conducted in a number of locations gives rise to the possibility of “tax mischief”.   Businesses have to be mindful that as tax information starts to flow freely and efficiently between tax authorities, future proofing of trading companies in low tax locations is paramount.   In this environment